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About Us

Netcom Communications Ltd is the result of over many years of research and development by industry experts with decades of experience in producing innovation in data and voice delivery.

Our company is a fast-growing telecommunication provider, offering broadband services and voicesolutions to homes and businesses in this country that we all live in and love.We are proudly owned and operated by KIWIS, we are fresh, we are young,  and we are also mature enough when it comes to our business.

Netcom Communications Ltd was serving New Zealand for more than 3 years in very reliable and stable manner.


We have supplied the NZ tourism and  hospitality industry with public pay to use WiFi and internet solutions. Netcom (NZ) has developed their own Guardian and WiFi firmware that has proven to be robust, secure and reliable with user-friendly being a high priority. All this with both pin and credit card payment options.


Our goal is to be the leading edge of technology and to provide, rejuvenating and propelling telecommunication services to every New Zealanders with lasting and meaningful experiences.

We are passionate about building high-performance network and maintaining enjoyable on-line experience. Face to face communications guarantee us to know our clients’ needs better, on site technicians and engineers give trouble free installation and helpful support. We learn ,we grow and we connect smarter. Netcom (NZ) is comprised of  two main parts of products and services. Professional IT support and network management, we offer IT support to large groups and organisations and give professional suggestions. This bonds us tightly with our customers and makes us always understand the clients and helps us to assure what we offer would always meet their needs.

Telecommunications services, which we provide analogue and digital telephone lines, VoIP SIP solutions in bundle deal with IP telephony, ADSL and Fibre premium data products to our business customers. Our team will provide free consultancy to help you understand your current solution and tailor your future solution to fit in your business operations.

Netcom Business Communication Systems focused solutions respond to the unique concerns of your industry and the essential needs of small to medium enterprise in general. We aim to reduce your costs while you make smart decisions via accessible business telecommunication intelligence; improve productivity with consumer-oriented technologies; grow your business with managed innovation.


Netcom Communications Ltd is pursuing the goal of becoming the New Zealand's most famous telecommunication company. We are looking for distributors that share an interest in the telecommunication industry, know their home markets and will be able to effectively liaise with customers. We are proud of ourselves on our values of research, development and quality for our distributors to deliver excellent customer service.

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