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With the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more companies have launched online business. Netcom(NZ) provides one-stop e-commerce platform management to help companies quickly and easily build online malls, manage e-commerce platforms and online companies.

What we can do:

Build an Online Store

Provide a powerful background management platform to help users quickly build online malls. Netcom(NZ) adopts advanced CMS technology to manage the content of the store in a component manner and provides various custom functions to help users customize the store's display pages, event pages, product information, etc. as needed.


Support the following online store building functions:

  • Customize mall display

  • page Product catalog management

  • Commodity information management (such as product number, price, picture, detailed description, etc.)

  • Shopping cart management (support delete, edit, empty and other operations)

  • Order management (automatic order generation, online payment, order cancellation and refund application, order delivery, etc.) 

Online Product Managemnt

Online commodity transactions need to pay more attention to timeliness, accuracy and convenience. The real-time automatic calculation and display of online product inventory is particularly important. Netcom provides online products listing and delisting management, editing product information as needed ( product number, price, specification attributes, pictures, etc.), to help companies fulfil online transactions more effectively.


Online order management functions mainly include:

  • After the product is added to the shopping cart, the system automatically calculates the price of the checked product.

  • Customers can select the delivery method and edit the delivery address as needed, and set the default address.

  • Support home delivery and self pickup.

  • Support card payment and WeChat Pay.

  • Customers can review the order and receipt can be sent to mailbox.

Promotions and Online Marketing

Provide one-stop online shop order management, the system tracks the entire process from order generation to order closure in real-time. An online store is more convenient to collect customer information, and how to carry out online marketing more accurately and effectively is the focus of enterprises' attention. Our user-friendly system is easy to use and will help you achieve precise marketing and attract more customers. Moreover, the merchant can do promotions on it, these effective promotions can bring more business opportunities and facilitate transactions.


Order Online

Choose delivery/collect

Review order

Store print receipt

Inform customers when ready

Prepare products



Let users have a better shopping experience:


  • Support integration with WeChat official account.

  • Customize the promotion page on demand (such as which promotion information to display, promotion products, etc.)

  • Support building promotion group on WeChat.

  • Can be run by platform or by merchant themselves.

Why choose us:

Fair price and flexible solutions
Reading Newspaper
Support mobile devices

Easy to operate by platform or merchant

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