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WIFI Solution

Netcom(NZ) Smart Wi-Fi System is a revolutionary technology. This system not only provides you Wi-Fi coverage with enhanced signal quality, but also provide easy access for Wi-Fi user as well as a platform to promote your brand.
Netcom smart wifi solution represents fully branded user experience. The consumer is welcomed with a branded splash page and guided to the internet. The advertiser can enable social media network authentication or simple click-through login. Advertisings are displayed on the second screen.
Using the latest software technologies, our Point of Sales (POS) System streamlines your business’s everyday operations. Allowing you to maximize revenue and profit opportunities by providing features you need to track all of your sales, inventory, purchase orders, customers and accounting. Our POS system enables you to enjoy cost-efficient features that reduce costs simply by decreasing the amount of time usually spent on manual and time-consuming operations and accounting tasks.
If you are a small business and may not need a POS System at the moment, don’t worry. We have a wide range of Eftpos terminals, which is essential for a business. Netcom provides reliable, secure and efficient payment solutions. And we can integrate Eftpos to your (or our) POS systems and cash registers at any time.

In-store Business Management Solutions

E-business IT Solutions

 Relying on the Internet, enterprises use big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to upgrade the production, circulation and sales of commodities. By Building online malls for merchants and offline physical cash register. The combination of online and offline, data exchange of members, commodities, orders, inventory, etc., to achieve integrated management of merchant data throughout the city! A deeply integrated new retail model will bring convenient shopping experience that meets consumers' expectations and realizes various sales forms. The combination of online and logistics will produce new retail.
Business IT Solution
Internet Services Packages
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