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POS Systerm of New Generation

Physical store operations encountered unprecedented challenges, consumption upgrades in various fields, consumers were critical of the shopping experience, and the market was flooded with excess products and noisy marketing made physical stores unable to fight back.

How to improve the business capabilities of physical merchants through advanced technical means and better serve the needs of multiple channels and diversification? Our Business Development team has been devoted to research and development in efforts, aiming at polishing the system, and striving to make the management experience more concise and efficient.

One, hardware upgrade. We offer a range of hardwares, including Desktop Machine, Tablet and Palm sized machine. Built up with our new generation of Retail/Restaurant management program, physical stores are no longer outdated.







Must-have EFTPOS

As a business partner of Windcave Efpos, we have intergrated the Windcave eftpos terminals with our POS Systerm. If you are still considering to invest a POS machine, a reliable Eftpos is critical to your business. We are happy to offer you a great price on this most widely used Eftpos and provide our unique IT services to make you hassle free.


IPP 350

Covers all payment methods, including non-contact (paywave) to ensure that customers can pay quickly and conveniently; PCI-PTS V2 and V3 certification and mark certification to ensure transaction security; Kensington security slot anti-theft system and optional PIN privacy Shield, more security. Based on the powerful windcave network management payment system.


Move 5000

It can support wireless communication payment and onboard thermal printer anytime and anywhere to achieve maximum mobility; the latest security PCI-PTS4.X or 5.X meets all the latest security requirements certification; supports all payment methods including EMV, magnetic stripe, signature capture And NFC/non-contact; powerful 3.5-inch color touch screen can provide an excellent user experience.

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