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Windows or Linux
​         Looking for a Windows or Linux Virtual Private Server?

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A VPS provides you with your very own independent virtualised server, running either Linux or Windows, allowing you to have complete control over the configuration of your system. 

Who are they a good fit for?

The power and configurability of a VPS are best suited to a team with an experienced sysadmin on board, and when their particular use case requires root or administrator access. We have a number of plans to cover almost every size project but a VPS is not suited to customers unfamiliar with server administration and management.

What are the important features?

Command line root access (Linux) or Administrator access (Windows) giving you full control of the server. Running entirely on fast drives for maximum performance, with no overselling of resources. Bare bones install ready for customisation to suit your unique needs. No fixed terms, no contracts.

What hardware do we use?

All our servers are IBM machines. Our host with Intel Xeon processors and error-correcting memory.

How is bandwidth we use?

We are based out of the Callplus datacentre in Auckland CBD. This carrier-grade facility has multiple fiber links for redundancy. We use 100-Mbps bandwidth for international and New Zealand-wide connectivity. 

Plan & Pricing

Choose between Windows and Linux and provision a new VPS to fit your requirements

*NZD Billed Monthly*
Single Processor
4 Core
100 GB Storage
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*NZD Billed Monthly*
Dual Processor
20 Core
1 TB Storage
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*NZD Billed Monthly*
4 Processor
100 Core
10 TB Storage
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All prices exclude GST .

Plan & Pricing
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